The ranking of cash loans is recommended to grant a loan

The ranking of cash loans is recommended for all those who do not intend and have never intended to use payday loans. We can only take cash loans at the bank, so the way they are obtained and all formalities related to the procedure are subject to bank verification. When reviewing the ranking of cash loans, it is worth remembering that banks often grant loans on favorable promotions.

And hence you can get such a cash loan in the promotion without a commission fee. When looking at the ranking of payday loans and cash loans, it is worth paying attention to this aspect. The more that this offer resembles to some extent free payday loans from non-bank offers.

An offer for all customers

An offer for all customers

Compared to the first free payday loan, banks’ offers are often repeated. And if someone has already obtained a cash loan without a commission fee, they will be able to repeat the use of such an offer. Therefore, it is good to follow the current ranking of cash loans to be informed about favorable offers.

Banks are outdoing themselves in attracting customers from competitors and consolidating their liabilities. It is then a good time to find a favorable cash loan offer that we will receive on very favorable terms. The cost we save thanks to the commission can be up to USD 2,000. That’s a good deal for a commission when we pay really nothing. The matter of online payday loans looks completely different when the interest rate is suggested by non-bank branches.

Amount of credit available

Amount of credit available

Banks when granting cash loans are guided by scoring based on which they determine the client’s ability to receive cash. Using the credit rankings in one place, we can check what the current listings look like. Such a ranking often resembles the ranking of payday loans from which we choose the most favorable offers in terms of percentage.

So the ranking of cash loans is a similar combination that allows us to receive an offer at a promotional price. In this case, this applies to offers with a commission for 0 USD. In addition, it is good to know the interest rate on APRC each bank has. Because the interest rates often differ and this automatically results in a smaller or larger installment.

Tips to avoid high debts on your credit cards | Credit cards


The tranquility, tranquility and relaxation that free days provide can lead us to spend more than the bill. Moreover, if we do not go with enough care, those days off can become a real nightmare. In fact in recent months, many media outlets have echoed the increase in complaints from consumers due to the high interest rates of some credit cards.

And they are a very useful financial product to go to obtain short-term liquidity but its use is not recommended for medium and / or long term Avoid it! In we remind you that in some cases, interest usually exceeds 20% APR. However, as previously mentioned, they offer other advantages: rent a car, hire trips, dispose of cash with total simplicity, save up to 4% when filling the deposit and much more.

Take note of these tips and use worry-free credit cards

Take note of these tips and use worry-free credit cards

The convenience of being able to pay for our purchases in installments is one of the reasons why many regularly enjoy this type of plastics. The problem comes when we verify that the debt is eternalized since every month a very small fee is paid that can be faced but the interests are accumulating. Would you like to avoid it? Below we list a series of tips, put them into practice!

  • Payment Method

    Payment Method

    First of all, even before using the credit card, it is vital to check which payment method you have active. This management can be completed on the website of the issuing company. However, if any doubt arises or it is not possible to make any changes, the procedure must be carried out by phone or at the bank itself. Please note that as a general rule most cards are delivered, by default, with the deferred refund option.

    In any case, if you wish to pay in installments, the ideal is to establish a high monthly payment to cause the minimum interest.

  • End of the month

    Remember that another of the preferences granted by credit cards is to pay at the end of the month in a single payment. Logically, there will not be a penny in interest. Therefore it becomes the perfect modality for all those users who do not wish to finance.

  • Easy Pay

    Easy Pay

    The financial sector is constantly evolving. So much so that today it is viable in some cards, to postpone payments in several monthly installments with a series of very profitable conditions. The APR is reduced to 5% and, on the other hand, this financing can always be requested through online banking. Without a doubt, it is a very interesting way to postpone orders and / or purchases at specific times.

  • Advances


    As you well know, if there is the opportunity to advance part or all that is due, it is the best. For this reason, if you receive an extra income is 100%, allocate it to that end and stop generating interest.

  • If necessary, hire other financing

    Hiring a loan to solve an unforeseen, urgent or timely situation of lack of liquidity are usually the most common situations that can lead us to ask for extra money. Now, do you know which possibility is the most recommended for you? There are many options in the financial market. Personal loans, for example, are usually characterized by an average cost of 8.50% APR. That is, a much cheaper alternative.

  • Use responsibly

    Use responsibly

    Setting a budget is one of the most recommended steps by financial experts. This is good advice because as long as we are realistic, adjusting to it, we would not have to have problems when it comes to paying cash. Even so, throughout the year there are certain dates in which it is worth investing and you cannot constantly afford to pay the bills at once. Yes, we mean sales. On these occasions, taking advantage of discounts is more than appealing.

    Well, under these circumstances, credit cards can grant us many benefits but it will only be so under responsible use. It is extremely important to control the impulses. That is why it is essential to do our part. Consuming responsibly will be essential to make it happen.

Apply for a Credit Card Directly at the Bank or Online?


Credit cards become one of the payment instruments that seemed to be required by many people. Unfortunately, not a few are trapped unwise to use this one card so that it leads to an endless debt.

In fact, if used wisely, it can be a very profitable card.

Like buying goods with a large nominal, you can use the 0 percent installment facility. So, no right weight than having to directly spend money in large quantities.

In the past, people who have this card are identical to rich people. In fact, that assumption is not true. Anyone can have it, as long as it meets the requirements.

Now you are also really easy if you want to apply for this card, which is just to come directly to the bank or via online.

The two ways are arguably different. If you pass the bank, you must come to the destination bank. Meanwhile, if via online, you only need to sit sweetly in front of the laptop.

Apply for a credit card through a bank

Apply for a credit card through a bank

Usually, there are several credit card sales on guard at bank branch offices. When you want to make a transaction, generally they will offer whether you are interested in applying.

Then, what if there are no sales ? You can go directly to the customer service section and say you want to apply this card. Well, you will be transferred to its part later.

When submitting, there are a number of document requirements that you must complete:

  • Original identification and photocopy, such as KTP, SIM or Passport
  • Salary slip where you work
  • Original NPWP and photocopy
  • Minimum salary of Rp. 3 million
  • Minimum age of 21 years
  • Have an account at the bank where you apply for a credit card.

“Let the process be faster and be able to escape from the analyst. So, credit card applications can be accepted. But if not there, can still apply for a credit card anyway, “said Ratna, one of the credit card sales at Bank BCA in Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta.

So, rather than you going back and forth to the bank because of lack of documents, it’s better to prepare everything from the beginning before coming to the bank.

Then, what are the stages of applying at the bank?

  • You will be asked to fill out a credit card application form. Sales of his party will help you anyway. So, no need to worry.
  • Submit several documents that are required for credit card applications.
  • Finish and just waiting for the bank analyst to contact you.

It’s easy to apply dirctly to sales, you can ask a few things directly. Like asking for this card that does not charge an annual fee, what are the attractive promos, often even giving you gifts.

Choose the type of credit card that suits your needs. But, usually the sales will also adjust it to your monthly income.

Apply for a credit card online

Apply for a credit card online

For some people, applying this card online is considered easier and more efficient, especially for those who don’t have much time. Just open the laptop, click here and there, and you’re done.

But, if you want to submit via online, you must read carefully, what are the benefits to the costs that will be charged to you.

Steps to apply via online :

  • Open the official website of the bank that you want. For example, BCA Bank.
  • Click the “Online Application Services” column.
  • There are several questions you must fill in to determine the right type of credit card for you.
  • There are several types of credit card options recommended to you.
  • Choose the type of credit card you want.
  • The question will come out whether you have an account at BCA.
  • You will be asked to fill in the BCA account / card number along with the verification code to the mobile number registered at BCA.
  • After that, the BCA credit card application form will come out.
  • Input all credit card requirements documents.
  • When it is complete and complete, click submit and finish.
  • You are just waiting for the analyst to contact you for the verification process.

The verification process aims to ensure that the data you entered is correct. BCA will also contact the family not in the same house. Therefore, put your cellphone close to you!

Well, that’s the difference applying for a credit card directly to the bank and via online. Both of these methods have their own pluses and minuses, the choice remains back to you.

Loan with credit bureau and guarantor

Anyone wishing to make purchases in this country often uses a loan. As a rule, borrowing is also easy and problem-free. But only if the external framework is right. This includes a clean Credit Bureau file and a corresponding income with a permanent job.

This situation appeals to the banks and the loan is quickly approved. Each bank carries out a Credit Bureau query before lending. If abnormalities such as negative entries are stored in it, the creditworthiness is questioned and the loan is rejected. Credit Bureau is a credit bureau that tests the creditworthiness of its customers, such as banks, companies and service providers. Negative entries as they arise from judicial reminders are a reason for refusing a loan. But there is still a loan with Credit Bureau and guarantor.

The loan with Credit Bureau and guarantor

The loan with Credit Bureau and guarantor

For many loan seekers, a normal loan is out of the question. The bad Credit Bureau is the obstacle. Banks do not lend because the credit risk appears too great as a default. The alternative option is a loan with Credit Bureau and guarantor. The guarantor is liable for a loan with Credit Bureau and guarantor for the loan taken out. Before a guarantor signs the guarantee, he should be fully informed about his procedure. There are usually three criteria that are used to assess a guarantee.

On the one hand, these are the Credit Bureau information, the guarantor’s assets and the proof of income. The application for a loan with Credit Bureau and guarantor is the same as another loan. In addition to this contract, there is also the surety agreement, which serves as credit protection. Almost every guarantee is a joint and several guarantee, which means that the guarantor is liable for the loan and is immediately taken back by the bank in the event of default. For the borrower, the guarantee does not only have the approval of a loan, it does not need to provide any further collateral, such as real assets. A guarantee is not so well regarded at banks because the whole credit protection is based on one person.

The guarantee

The guarantee

A guarantee is by no means a favor that can be quickly sent to a good friend. By signing the loan agreement, the guarantor is liable for this loan with all his assets. If the borrower encounters payment irregularities, the guarantor must pay the installments then incurred. If a guarantee is signed and the economic situation of the guarantor is also not the best, it can result in financial ruin. That is why the Federal Court of Justice ruled that a surety is not legal if the guarantor is in debt and catapulted into financial disaster.

According to this judgment, banks particularly check the economic situation of the guarantor, even the household bill, which is also drawn up with the guarantor, is carried out more strictly than with the borrower. A guarantor should also know that a guarantee is entered in his Credit Bureau and this can reduce his own credit rating. If you give your signature for a loan to someone else, you should think carefully about what you are doing. With a guarantor, the bank will certainly agree to a loan with Credit Bureau and guarantor. The guarantor is the credit protection.

Alternative Swiss loan

Alternative Swiss loan

An alternative option for a Credit Bureau-free loan is to take out a foreign loan. The donors mainly come from Switzerland and offer loans where Credit Bureau information is not obtained. For a loan seeker who no longer receives a loan from a normal bank, this seems a good alternative. However, the loan amounts are limited. They are awarded from 3,500 USD to 5,000 USD depending on the credit rating. If you need more money, you can get a loan with a higher loan amount by naming a guarantor and having a good credit rating. As previously described, the guarantor must be fully informed about his guarantee. He must also have a good income that comes from a permanent job. Likewise, the Credit Bureau must not contain any negative characteristics.

Swiss credit can help a loan seeker out of a financial crunch. These loans are offered by credit brokers almost without exception. The brokers offer their services on the Internet with full-bodied advertisements. But mostly there is nothing but hot air behind it or it is dubious offers. With a reputable credit broker, no upfront fees may be charged and no insurance may be made dependent on a loan commitment. Calculating home visits that did not take place or were not wanted at all are also signs of dubiousness. Reputable financial service providers will only settle their commission and other fees after the loan approval.