How to Stop Using a Credit Card for a while.

Confused by growing credit card debt? A sign that something is wrong with your card. Because, you should be able to save, but instead wasteful.

If it keeps happening, stop using your credit card first. Focus on paying off debt completely, then making the transaction again.

However, it turns out once or twice using this card many users are so often doing it. Therefore, they find it difficult once asked to stop making transactions with the card.

For those of you who want to stop trading, but can’t do it, there are several ways you can use it to stop transactions with a credit card.

1. Keep credit cards out of reach

Why is this card used so often? Because of its existence in the wallet. Naturally, once I opened my wallet, I thought about a card transaction.

Try to have a card out of reach. Very small, even impossible if you want to use it. Busy yourself get it first also not necessarily you want.

Therefore, keeping cards out of reach can be a powerful way to stop transactions with credit cards. The trick, you can keep it in the closet, put it behind clothes, or put it in a desk drawer.

2. Replace with a debit card during the transaction

Debit card transactions can be a way to stop using this card. Instead of being able to owe, it turns out that paying using a debit card cuts your savings account balance directly.

Here you must think. Continuous transactions with debit cards over time can make the savings account balance sold out. Therefore, you must be very careful about transactions with debit cards.

3. Avoid seeing credit card promos

Basically, promos can save your expenses. Card issuing banks always provide attractive promos to their card users.

The problem is, these promos are overused so that the user unconsciously goes too far using a credit card.

If you feel you have a character like that, it’s good to avoid looking at the promos available.

You can unsubscribe regular newsletter sent to email, follow setop accounts promo preach, or do not always not the online shopping sites. Guaranteed to do these things avoid you from the temptation of the promo.

4. Have two cards, subtract one

Having more than one credit card is OK. Provided, from the financial side you are able to pay the bills.

The problem is, without considering the ability to pay, not a few users apply for a second, third, or fourth card. They reasoned, having many cards could help them enjoy the promos offered.

That reason is indeed true. Have many cards can enjoy many promos. However, what happens is, once the billing statement is sent, they will be surprised to see the number of bills that swell.

Edges to make minimum payments alias the minimum payment. Instead of solving the problem, making a minimum payment makes the bill bigger. The reason is, your bill bears interest.

So that the above terrible problems do not occur, immediately check your finances and yourself.

If you feel you can afford to pay, but can’t control the use of this card, it’s better to have one card and close the other cards.

5. Set budget and obey, not follow card limits

There must be a clear budget for using a credit card. Transactions based on card limits are not the right solution for limiting card usage.

Yes, the card limit is Rp. 10 million, do you want to use it all? It’s still asking to be given a bill every month. Therefore, you should set your own budget for card usage rather than depending on the limit.

Moreover, the budget set is simple really. Just allocate a maximum of 30 percent of salary for card transactions. The amount of the allocation is more than enough.

Because conditions require focusing on paying off bills and pausing while using a card, you should allocate 30 percent of the salary to pay the bills that are still there to completion. After completing the bill, just make use of the card.

That’s the way to pause the transaction with a credit card. The point is to be successful, intention and discipline to apply the methods above. Guaranteed you get the effects that you expect. 

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